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Who We Are

We are your favorite father-daughter duo with a mutual love for movement,

specifically yoga and dance. We want to share our joy and experience with you!

Meet the Team

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David Henry

Founder & Lead Instructor

David first discovered folk dancing at Berkeley, and subsequently built a decades-long career in ballet, liturgical dance, and ballroom. When Gillian was born, he started to transition to yoga, and has since completed thousands of hours of yoga teacher training programs, as well as yoga philosophy studies and a pilgrimage to India. 

Gillian henry

Co-Founder & Administrator

Gillian grew up in the ballet studio, with her first solo debut at the age of four. Through ballet she discovered Pilates and begrudgingly joined her Dad in his yoga classes. She is now a convert! She recently finished her first yoga teacher training, and assistant teaches ballroom dance with her Dad.  She also enjoys folk dancing, Irish dancing, BollyX, and Salsa.

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